selected compositions and orchestrations

Scores for original compositions are available on a pay-what-you-want basis, in an effort to support accessibility in music. Custom compositions, orchestrations and arrangements are available by commission. Please feel free to contact me for more info.

list of compositions:

Large Ensemble:

  • Fairytale, for Orchestra (2017)

  • Sunset, for Chamber Orchestra (2015)

Chamber/Small Ensemble:

  • Impulse, for Cello duet (2018)

  • White Rose, for Flute duet (2017)

  • Strangers, Again, for Cello and Harp (2017)

  • L'Appel du Vide, for Flute, Cello, and Percussion (2016)

  • On Divinity, for String Quartet (2015)

  • Feral Princess, for Flute, Bassoon, and Harp (2014)

  • Nightlight, for Flute, Celeste, and Piano (2013)

  • Goodbye Wonderland, for four percussionists (2013)


  • your laughter is a bird on my tongue, commission for Tenor and Piano; text by Thomas Ang (2018)

  • Imaginary Paintings, for Mezzo Soprano, Cello, and Euphonium. Won "Most Innovative" at SAI's Unusual Ensemble Challenge at Carnegie Mellon University. (2018)

  • Folk Sounds: An Exploration of How Language and Music Interact, a collaboration with Dante Horvath. A series of folk songs written in two constructed languages; text by Dante Horvath (2017)

  • On Life and Art and Love, for Baritone and Clarinet; text by Jeffrey Schnitzer (2016)

  • Le Chanson des Escargots qui Vont à l'Enterrement, for Baritone and Harp; text by Jacques Prevert (2016)

  • Olympus v. Hades, for Soprano and Viola; text by m.j. (2015)


  • Black Feathers, for Piano (2016)

  • Ribcage, for Flute (2016)

  • Unapology, for Violin (2015)

Theatre/Performance Art:

  • Dysphoria, a performative composition about my experiences with body dysphoria, for Two Violins and Costume Assistant (2018 - in progress)

  • Starsong, a chamber opera with libretto by Sarah Barker and in collaboration with Compōs-It Opera, for Three Sopranos, Flute, and Harp (2018)

  • Life Music, an improvisation based on the artist's practice of life drawing (2017)

  • Query, a musical in collaboration with Grace Lazos (2017)


  • Sapphic, a study in sexuality, for Violin and pre-recorded audio (2018 - in progress)

  • Waikiki, a sound study based on the stresses of being at a resort. (2017)

  • Endure, a musique concrète study based on recordings of a Steel City Roller Derby practice. (2017)

  • Natural Day Natural Disaster, an electronic/musique concrète study of the translation and transition from visual to auditory. (2016)


  • Untitled, commission for Violin and Bass Clarinet (2018 - in progress)

  • Untitled, commission for Flute and Hand Drums (2018 - in progress)

  • Untitled, commission for Oboe (2018 - in progress)

  • Untitled, commission for Violin (2018 - in progress)

  • Untitled, commission for Recorder (2018 - in progress)

  • oh my god!, commission for Bass Clarinet (2018)

  • Five Miniatures, a series for assorted solo instruments, a personal exercise in fast, concise, and idiomatic writing.
    I. for Double Bass (2017)
    II. for Viola (2017)
    III. for Cello (2017)
    IV. for Harp (2018)
    V. for Cello (2018)