Elliot Yokum (b. 1996) is an Armenian-American composer and sound designer with a passion for live storytelling.

Art by  Samantha Dow .

Art by Samantha Dow.

Elliot is an MFA candidate studying Sound Design under Jon Gottlieb and Leon Rothenberg at the CalArts School of Theater. 

Their main interest is in how sound reinforces and tells stories, and how it can bring people together. They are interested in working with live theater, themed entertainment, site-specific pieces, dance performances, concerts, and museum exhibitions, to name just a few things.

Whether it's editing audio, composing new music, or playing tabletop role playing games, they are always bringing stories to life.

Elliot holds a BFA in Music Composition from the Carnegie Mellon University School of Music, where they studied with Nancy Galbraith. They have a Soundcloud, a resume, and a Patreon