Interactive sound

From installations to video games--works that interact with people in some way. 

Project Neverland (2018)
An Augmented Reality Performance

Project Neverland is an exploration of the applications of augmented reality in the context of live performance created by the Entertainment Technology Center's Team TheatAR. It is a stage adaptation of the story of Peter Pan that features a fully-animated character performing alongside a human actor. I was a sound designer on this project, creating sound effects to match the movements and “voice” of the animated Tinkerbell, in order to both bring her to life and establish her strong personality.


Project Frankenstein (2018)
An Interactive VR Experience

Project Frankenstein is a hybrid mixed-media and virtual reality experience created by a team within Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center. This project was a retelling of Mary Shelley's story of the same name and was created for The Frankenstein Complex, the Spring 2018 Posner Intern exhibition celebrating the story's bicentennial. It was developed as a physical installation, using an Oculus Touch for the VR component. I was the composer on this project, and created interactive sound in a 360 degree space that matched the narrative and experience of being Frankenstein's monster and being ostracized from society. The music was created to sound artificial, harsh, and disorienting, much like the life and mindset of Frankenstein's monster. Project Frankenstein is on display in the Posner Center from May 8-November 30. 


Pillow Fort (2018)
A Story Told in Virtual Reality

Pillow Fort is a VR experience inspired by children's imaginations. It tells the story of a child in a pillow fort during a thunderstorm, and shows the child imagining the fort is actually a tent in the middle of the safari. I contributed music and sound design to this, as well as worked in FMOD to easier facilitate sound spacialization. Pillow Fort was created as a part of the CMU IDeATe course 360 Story and Sound taught by John Dessler. 

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Traffic Cop (2017)
A video game by Blank Studios

Traffic Cop is a short indie game created by Blank Studios for the 2017 Global Game Jam. Inspired by the theme "waves," we made a zany game about a traffic cop required to wave along traffic without harming innocent bystanders or causing cars to crash. As sound designer of Blank Studios, I created or found all sounds used in the game, including title screen music, level music, and sound effects. 


Temple (2016)
Design Documentation

Temple was built by Seth Glickman, Madeline Kim, and myself as a means of giving the power of performance to the audience. We wanted to turn music making into both a surreal, religious experience, and into a choice--the audience must choose whether or not to create the music, when to hit which notes, and whether to coordinate with those around them. Temple was constructed in March 2016 using Max MSP 7, a Makey Makey, a UV ink pen, and many, many rolls of conductive tape.