soundscapes and electronic media

Sizzle (2019)

Sizzle is an ASMR-esque experiment to see if food sounds can make one start associating seemingly unrelated things to food. It is an hour long piece exploring how disruptive background sound can get while still being in the background. It is not to be listened to when hungry.


Homemaker (2017)

Homemaker is a musique concrete study exploring what it's like to feel trapped in ones own home. I recorded all sounds for it, and it primarily features the sounds of a coffee maker, a wine glass, a tube of lipstick, and some dice. 


Waikiki (2017)

Waikiki is a sound study themed around the stresses of staying at a resort. It was inspired by a Google Maps rendering of Waikiki, Hawaii. 

Recordings by Sophrosine Sound Design, klankbeeld, recordinghopkins, and Benbojangles used under the Attribution Non-Commercial License.  


Endure (2017)

Endure is a sound study based on field recordings I created at a roller derby practice. It is themed around the practice and mindset of exercise. 


Tipsy (2016)
Design Documentation

Tipsy is an audio recreation of the experience of being drunk and anxious at a college party. It was created using Max 7, Ableton Live, audio from found cassette tapes, and field recordings. Tipsy was originally produced as an eight-speaker ambisonic experience, but has been mixed down to two channels for an online upload.