non-sound Art

Sometimes I do things that aren't sound. 

Ticket Sales (2018)

Ticket Sales was a performance art piece in which I highlighted the ways in which we hide grief and personal issues while going about day-to-day life. I attempted to sell tickets to a real-life event to the audience, but taped news articles to my back about a stabbing that occurred in my hometown the weekend prior.


Room 503: A Short Play (2017)

I directed Room 503 by Jacqui Fashimpaur and Jake Olkin as a part of Scotch'n'Soda Theatre's Hack-a-Scotch--a show dedicated to allowing members to explore other parts of the theatrical process that they might not necessarily have as much experience in. 


Dancer's Symposium (2017-2018)

I have done the lighting design for two dances in Dancer's Symposium's Spring 2018 show, Vitality, for two dances in their Fall 2017 show, Impulse, for two dances in their Spring 2017 show, Gravity, and for one dance in their Fall 2016 show, Vibe


Scotch'n'Soda Theatre's 9th Annual Charity Cabaret (2016)

I was the Stage Manager for Scotch'n'Soda Theatre's 9th Annual Charity Cabaret benefitting the Alumni Theatre Company. I was in charge of scheduling rehearsals and taking notes and minutes at each rehearsal. I was also in charge of ensuring performers receive all necessary information about the Cabaret and about their roles. 


Bad Haircut Productions (2016-2017)

I was the sound editor for Bad Haircut Productions, where I ensure podcasts are of sufficient sound quality. I was also a frequent guest on Bad Haircut Productions' podcast, The Bad Haircast, where I discussed topics pertaining to current events in media and pop culture, as well as to my own life. I was also the feature guest for a spring break video special, in which I played segments of two video games: Sonic Adventure and Sonic Generations.